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Point of Sale Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence
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Point of Sale Analytics.

POS.AI is an application that recognises and tracks customers
at the POS (Point of Sale) via AI - Artificial Intelligence.

Used globally by companies

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Visitor presence

Duration of stay of your visitors for specific areas

Explore where, how much, how long and why visitors stay longer. Compare different days or Events. Which was more interesting?

Average duration of stay 6 minutes
Average visitors per hour 18 people

Detect high frequented areas and queues

Heatmaps are perfect to see where are the hotspots or queues on your booth. Use queues to contact potential customers?

A.I. Heatmap
Position tracking

Record the exact position and walking distance of an individual person

Get an idea how people using your booth. Explore how you can optimize this paths and convert a visitor to a client.

Person travel distance 78 feet
People waiting 13 people in queue

Visitors age, gender and mood

With face recognition we are able to track how much, who (age, gender) and how long people watched to the video screen. Compare different videos and know which one perform better.

Average play time 20 seconds
Average mood Happy
Responsive Content

Show content that is adjusted to spectators

Show adjusted content to a defined target (age, gender) and improve interest for your products / content. More product interest results in higher conversation/sales.

Detected age group 18 to 24 years
Detected gender Female
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